April is the Sports Eye Safety Month. It is time to consider the importance and ways of protecting your eyes. All parents and athletes should be aware of risks associated with various sports. They should also know the various sports eye protectors. Protective eyewear may not prevent eye injuries, but it can reduce the impact or severity of eye injuries.

If you have vision loss in one eye, you should be careful not to lose vision in both eyes. Consult with your optometrist to see if there are any eye protectors you can use. If your doctor requests you to avoid some sports, you should do so. It is better to be safe than seek medical treatment when it is too late.If you have eye trauma or have undergone eye surgery, you should check with your doctor to see if you can still participate in various games. If you can, you should request additional protective eyewear to avoid further damage to your eyes.

Here are some of the tips to avoid eye injuries:

  • Wear Safety Goggles
    • Note that your prescription eyeglasses are not enough to protect you from sport-related eye injuries. You have to wear lenses made of polycarbonate, a material that can withstand impact from a ball or any other fast-moving projectile.
    • You should wear safety goggles when participating in sports such as baseball, basketball, swimming, and squash.
  • Use Helmets
    • Whenever you participate in football, baseball, and hockey games, you should wear helmets with protective face shields or guards. The face shields or guards should also have a polycarbonate material. That way, you can reduce the risk of getting face or eye injuries.
  • Wear Sunglasses
    • Whenever you go out to play or participate in your favorite sports, be sure to wear sunglasses, especially if the sun is too bright. Also, avoid looking directly into the sun because the UV rays can harm your eyes.
    • Mountain bikers and riders should wear sunglasses that block UV rays from reaching their eyes. They should also invest in frames that can block the wind since they are constantly on the move. Also, if you participate in snow sports such as skiing, you should always wear sunglasses.
    • UV light reflected from the snow surface can cause serious harm to your eyes. Thus, it is best to wear sunglasses designed for snow activities to obstruct the sun rays and be protected from ski tips and poles.

Visit Your Optometrist

It is good to visit an optometrist once in a while for eye checkups. Experienced doctors can spot eye issues even in the early stages. Also, your optometrist can advise you on protective eyewear and recommend appropriate medication if necessary.
For more information on ways to protect your eyes from injuries, consider visiting Eye Care Center, Optometrist, PSC, in Beattyville, Richmond, Irvine, Lexington, and McKee, Kentucky. You can also contact us at (859) 208-2020, (859) 623-6643, (859) 272-2449, (606) 464-8148, (606) 726-9321, and (606) 287-8477, to book an appointment. We have specialized optometrists to help you with any eye-related problems.

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