Your face shape will determine the frames that can make you look good and feel confident. You can identify your face shape by pulling your hair away to have a clear view of your face. Stare directly into your mirror, then look at your contours and the overall face and head.

Determine whether your jawline is angular or curved and if you have prominent or soft cheeks. Knowing if your forehead is narrow or wide will help you identify your face shape. After understanding the shape of your face, you can begin shopping around for frames that will complement your facial features.

Square Face Shape

Individuals who have square faces have a horizontal jawline and a broad forehead. Oval and dark-colored glass frames help add contrast to complement the bold features. Avoid light-colored, square-shaped, or geometric-shaped frames. Oval frames soften and balance the defined face lines.

Round Face Shape

Round face shapes have full cheeks, a rounded chin, and a broad forehead. Such faces do not have angles and have curve lines with similar proportions. Avoid round or short frames.

Select frames that are angular, bold, and have clean lines. Look for ones that will add definition to your round face shape. For example, geometric and angular frames create balance to the face by adding distinct and sharp lines. Rectangular-shaped frames also add contrast to your round face shape.

You can draw attention to your eyes by wearing upswept frames like D-frame or cat-eye.

Heart Face Shape

Heart-shaped faces have high cheekbones, are narrow towards the chin, and broader at the brow. The countenance can either be round or long. The best frames that suit this face shape are more expansive than your forehead with round bases.

Round-shaped frames soften the angles on your face. The oval or rectangular frames create a balance between your chin and forehead. You can also add contrast and width by selecting aviator frames.

Triangle Face Shape

Triangular-shaped faces are thin at the top and wide at the bottom. You can add contrast and complement your features by looking for opposites. For example, get narrow frames at the bottom and wider at the top. You can also mix angular and round-shaped frames.

You can draw attention to your eyes by selecting cat-eye frames. Soften your cheekbones by wearing aviator frames with a curve at the bottom. Additionally, bring definition by defining your brow line with D-frames.

Oval Face Shape

Oval-shaped faces have slightly narrow chins and narrow foreheads. Ideally, go for frames that add angles to your subtle facial curves and a balance to your face. Select frames as wide as the part of your face that is the widest.

Add definition to your face but wear rectangular or square frames to add sharp angles. Complement the face silhouette by wearing wide frames such as a D-frame.

Diamond Face Shape

Diamond-shaped faces have angular jawlines, full cheeks, defined cheekbones, and narrow foreheads. Select frames that bring a soft contrast to the angles of your facial features and draw attention to your eyes.

Complement your diamond face shape by choosing curved frames that have delicate lines. Balance the angular features with oval frames. Round ones also define your chin and forehead by bringing a soft contrast.

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