When did you last visit an ophthalmologist? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly 61 million American adults are likely to experience severe vision loss. More shockingly, nearly 50 percent of the projected millions have not seen an ophthalmologist in a year.

A lot of people do not take their eye health seriously, only going for checkups every one or two years. Some shelve those checkups entirely. There is a tremendous problem with that because a person fails to get important information about their health. Here are some potentially dangerous eye problems that go undetected without a detailed eye exam you should watch out for.

Double Vision

Seeing two separate images of the same object is never a good sign. If you see double images in one eye, your cornea could be having an issue. Double vision in one or both of your eyes means that the lens in the affected eye (or eyes) is not functioning correctly. This happens for various reasons. Sometimes, it is due to an autoimmune or neurological issue, but it sometimes indicates another severe problem.


Blurriness could be a sign that you need prescription eyewear or that you have glaucoma or macular degeneration. Visit your eye doctor to determine the cause and organize treatments.

Floaters And Flashes

If you see spots floating or light flashes in your vision once in a while, you need to make a quick appointment with your eye doctor. Floaters and flashes are signs of a detached retina.

Gritty Feeling

Grittiness could be an indication that your eyes are dry. You may also experience recurrent sharp pain, teary eyes, and light sensitivity. If you suspect you have dry eye, visit your ophthalmologist because you cannot treat that at home.

Glare And Halos

Glare is light that penetrates your eye and makes it difficult for you to see. Halos are bright rings that form around light. Halos and glare are warning signs of cataracts.

Red, Watery Eyes

If your eyes appear red and watery, you could suffer from keratitis. Keratitis is a corneal infection that causes vision loss if untreated.

Uneven-Sized Pupils

If your pupils seem to be two different sizes, call your eye doctor. You could be having brain issues such as a tumor or an aneurism. It may be less serious, but it is safer to inquire than to assume.

Eye Pain

You should never experience any sort of pain in your eyes. If you do, you should see a doctor to rule out severe eye injuries and treat whatever is causing the pain.

Light Sensitivity

Light sensitivity could be secondary to migraines, cataracts, or infections. Among other things, it could mean that you have ocular herpes.

Peripheral Vision Loss

Trouble seeing objects that are not right in front of you means you are losing your peripheral vision. A common cause for peripheral vision loss is optic nerve injury from glaucoma. If untreated, glaucoma can cause total blindness.

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