Designed to vault over the entire corne­al surface and rest on the sclera, scleral lenses can morph an irregular cornea into a smooth optical surface to correct vision problems caused by keratoconus and other forms of corneal ectasia. Furthermore, the space between the cornea and the back of the scleral lens acts as a fluid reservoir, continuously bathing the cornea. This can provide relief for people with severe ocular surface disease and may help the ocular surface to heal. The primary indications for scleral lenses are corneal irregular­ity, ocular surface disease, and severe refractive error.

We also offer a scleral lens for normal shaped corneas. These exclusive lenses are extremely versatile and can be fit when soft lenses have failed in the past. PosEYEdon is a contact lens customized for your eye and manufactured from an FDA approved Gas Permeable material. This custom fit provides comfort, clear vision and ocular health.

*Also available as a multifocal with the posEYEdon