Take your children for an eye exam at an early age. It ensures they do not miss their developmental milestones. When your child has good eyesight, it ensures they have a good start in life. You can take them for their first eye exam as early as six months. Afterward, you can take them for an annual exam to ensure everything is okay.

What Happens?

Pediatric eye exams take time. They depend on whether it is your child’s first or subsequent visit. They may also depend on your child’s age. Whether it is a first or age-dependent appointment, your child will receive a comprehensive checkup. Remember, the first few visits may take at least two hours or more. Be at ease—it will also set your child at ease.

So, what will the checkup entail?

Preliminary Appointment

A preliminary appointment is their first appointment with the eye doctor. Whatever their age, prepare to answer questions about their birth history. The doctor will want to know if there were any complications during pregnancy. They will also want to know if any eye diseases or conditions run in the family.

Make sure you tell the doctor about any delays in motor development. They can be indicative of eye problems. The subsequent tests during the appointment will depend on their age.

Six Months To Two Years

The preliminary appointment should be at this age. The doctor will test for color vision, depth perception, and focusing skills. They will use three tests to determine whether your child’s eyes are developing according to expectations.

They will check how the child’s pupils respond when there is light and when there isn’t any. Afterward, they will check your child’s ability to fixate on and follow an object. These skills develop when a child is one to three months old.

Finally, they will test your child’s vision using specific cards that attract their gaze. It indicates whether they have preferential sight and can differentiate between what they see.

Two To Five Years

Children at this age learn to draw, color, and play with balls. Your doctor will conduct the initial tests if it is your child’s preliminary visit. Also, they will check the child’s visual acuity, convergence, and 3D vision. They will check their ocular health for conditions such as astigmatism and amblyopia.

The doctor will perform a retinoscopy and ocular examination. They will also perform other tests that include color vision, visual acuity, random dot stereopsis, and visual skills assessment.

Older Children

It includes children who are six years old and above. Their preliminary appointment may consist of the above tests and a few more. These include hand-eye coordination, eye teaming, and visual perception. The tests are like those of a younger child. However, they are for specific eye skills. These include learning, reading, and sports performance.

These tests will form a crucial part of their eye exams until they are 18. Therefore, do not wonder when you see the doctor performing the same exams as they grow up.

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