Did you know that over 150 million Americans use corrective lenses?

All over the world, people rely on corrective lenses to improve their vision. Glasses and contacts are effective in correcting various visual defects. But while they are effective, they present some challenges for those wearing them.

You can get rid of daily wear glasses and lenses with ortho-k. Ortho-k is short for orthokeratology. It is a treatment whereby you wear lenses when going to sleep. The ortho-k lenses correct your cornea while you sleep. When you wake up, your cornea holds the new shape throughout the day.

What Is Ortho-K?

The shape of the cornea may cause refractive vision errors. It is partly caused by the conditions of the lenses you have. When these two are misshapen, the light that passes through them does not focus correctly on your retina. The lack of focus of the light rays in your eye leads to blurry vision.

The technology underlying ortho-k involves rigid gas-permeable lenses to give a new shape to your cornea. When you reshape your cornea overnight, you wake up with the perfect vision. Your cornea holds the unique shape all through the day, allowing you to go without glasses or lenses.

Ortho-k can correct myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia in some cases. They not only correct but also slow down the progression of some errors. This is especially effective in children with myopia.

Who Is A Candidate For Ortho-K?

If You Are An Athlete

It can be challenging when playing sports and having glasses or contacts. Ortho-k can give you the freedom to play sports without worry. You do not have to take care of your eyewear when playing. You only wear the ortho-k lenses when sleeping, giving you good vision when swimming or playing contact sports.

If You Work In Dusty Environments

Dirty or dusty environments can be a nightmare to work in when you have glasses or contacts. The dirt or dust can get behind the lenses, making you uncomfortable. The dirt behind lenses can also irritate. Ortho-k lenses help you get better vision, so you do not have to worry about dirt behind lenses.

If You Have Allergies Or Dry Eyes

Working for long hours on the computer can be harmful if you have dry eyes. Also, working for long hours with your contacts on in an air-conditioned room might not be comfortable if you have eye allergies. Ortho-k lenses will correct your vision for you at night. You will not have to worry about contacts during the day or while working.

If You Are Not A Candidate For LASIK

Laser vision correction surgery is much more expensive than ortho-k. Ortho-k also does not have any side effects on your eyes. Laser surgery can worsen your dry eye condition. Ortho-k treatment can also deliver a sharp vision for all distances.

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