Studies show that cases of myopia or nearsightedness continue to grow on a global scale. Experts say that more people are developing this eye condition because of excessive digital work. Even if there are eyeglasses that can help this condition, most patients prefer ortho-K lenses. The American Academy of Optometry recognizes the importance of ortho-K lenses in correcting myopia. If you want to find out why ortho-K contact lenses are recommended for patients with myopia, here’s what you should know.

Ortho-K Contacts Are Convenient

You only wear ortho-K contact lenses while you sleep. As you rest in the evening, these lenses correct your nearsightedness. The following day, you take them out and go about your daily routine. You do so without worrying about contact lenses or corrective eyeglasses. Experts recommend ortho-K lenses for those who lead active lifestyles and those who find corrective eyewear tedious and stressful.

Ortho-K Contacts Are Innovative

These unique lenses are products of a special mapping technology that allows them to fit your eyes correctly. Because they are custom-made, they are comfortable and reliable.

Ortho-K Contacts Offer Non-Surgical Correction

Ortho-K lenses are good for patients who are anxious or too young for corrective eye surgery. All they have to do is wear these lenses overnight, and they will achieve corrected vision the next day.

Suitable For Young Users

Eye specialists also prescribe these lenses to young patients that have myopia. Ortho-K lenses slow down and even stop the worsening of nearsightedness in kids. They are helpful to children that are too young to qualify for corrective eye procedures.

Safer To Use

When you wear ortho-K contact lenses, you don’t need to worry about losing your contact lenses or breaking your eyeglasses during the day. In case you fall or get hit in the face, you won’t have impacted contact lenses or shards of eyeglass lenses in your eyes. When you wake up, you remove your ortho-K lenses and keep them in their case. They will just wait in your room as you enjoy clear vision during the rest of the day.

Ortho-K Contacts Are Versatile

The advanced technology in ortho-K contact lenses allows eye care providers to correct other vision issues like presbyopia, astigmatism, and hyperopia.

Reliable And Effective

Eye experts recommend ortho-K lenses because they are non-invasive yet effective and reliable in correcting myopia. These lenses flatten your central cornea. They also make the peripheral area of your cornea steeper. Ortho-K lenses transform the shape of your cornea into a low curve. This new shape defocuses your myopia in your cornea’s peripheral area, which alters your eye’s elongation. Research shows that ortho-K lenses can decrease your myopic refraction by 40 to 60 percent.
Myopia is a growing epidemic. Eye specialists are aware of the efficiency of ortho-K lenses in correcting myopia. That is why they recommend these lenses to their patients. At Eye Care Center Optometrist, PSC, we only provide safe and quality treatments and products for optimal optic health. Please visit our clinics in Richmond, Lexington, Beattyville, Irvin, and McKee, Kentucky, for a consultation. You can also call us at 859-208-2020 (Gibson Bay), 859-623-6643 (Geri Lane), 859-272-2449 (Lexington), 606-464-8148 (Beattyville), 606-726-9321 (Irvin), or 606-287-8477 (McKee). We will help you schedule your appointment or answer your questions about our myopia management packages.


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